Mindstorms EV3 Tree Visualizer

My Hobby Project to visualize EV3 programs created for LEGO Mindstorms EV3.

News and updates are available on the facebook page.

EV3 Tree visualizer has emerged as a hobby project to rapidly, effectively and easily visualize EV3 programs created by the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programming environment EV3-G or EV3M programs created on the iPad graphical programming environment.
This project is still a young one, so please kindly forgive any mistakes and give feedback to me.

Command Line

Command Line

Flat tree structure to quickly visualize the content of file covering all standard blocks and parameters and some more.

  • Parallel Thread, Switch, Loop
  • Global typed data wires
  • Data wires short circuit
  • Friendly data values for colors, touches

Online with Browser

Browser Visualization

Graphical representation of the program with zoom and pan for a better/different visualization of your ev3 program.

Online version hosted in the Azure Cloud is out. Try it!


Git integration

Shell Integration

EV3 is for just for playing, right? For serious fun, like First Lego League projects, kids often work on one project for several months and seek for an easy version management and review system.

Git can do the work well and with EV3TreeVis Git integration even changes can be tracked in a highly professional way.

Shell integration

Shell Integration

EV3TreeVis can be integrated into the Windows Shell providing a quick preview of your favorite ev3 project.

Project Overview

Browser Visualization

Overview of the EV3 Project with all Programs and MyBlocks visualized.

Dependency graph, variable usage, sound and image media usage is included.

Error detection

Browser Visualization

Several smaller or bigger errors can araise with your project. Some may cause smaller annoyances, same can even break your code.

EV3TreeVis shows missing variables, deleted myblocks, images and sounds and unused variables, images, sounds.

Best practices, tips and tricks for EV3 programming techniques along with their their visualization in the EV3TreeVis project for educational purposes are provided at the Coding Patterns and Best Practices page.